We believe that a human lead approach and providing education is crucial to a quality CBD experience.

When you buy CBD oils from us, we aim to give you the best possible experience from customer service to quality products you can trust. With every order, we provide a certificate of analysis to confirm its authenticity.

. Our aim is to provide the best possible service with total product transparency, highlighting the amazing benefits of this plant-based product that people have been using around the world.

Our CBD oils are made from decarboxylated hemp and emulsified in organic cold pressed hemp oil, They are available as a stock item in the following

Strengths and sizes.

  • 5%/10ML and 5%30ML
  • 10%/10ML and 10%/30ML
  • 15%/10ML and 15% 30ML

Our CBD salves are totally manufactured from plants and natural wax We use high quality essential oils in combination with coconut oil and local beeswax They are applied to the skin where the CBD becomes transdermal targeting the area of pain. The salves have been effective in treating, rheumatism, arthritis, nettle rash or insect bite.

Hemp tea is taken as an infusion just like ordinary tea, Its placed in an infuser. put in a mug and left for 3 minutes having been covered in boiling water. It will leave you mellow and possibly sleepy. Take this at night 1hour before bed. Do not drive for at least 4 hours having taken a cup of hemp tea..

If you want something bespoke, stronger, or a larger amount please contact us