Welcome to Black Mountains CBD

At Black Mountains CBD we only use high-quality full-spectrum cannabis All our cannabis
(hemp) is organically grown in Europe allowing us to manufacture a range of products high
in CBD but low in THC.


0ur most popular products

All our products are chemical free using only plant material that is hand picked and
carefully graded for quality. Our main hemp supplier is a member of the Cannabis
tTrades Association as are we.  Located in the shadow of the beautiful Black
Mountains near Abergavenny we are a small company who are versatile and
innovative.  This means we can make a CBD oil just for you.

How CBD works?

Its quite complicated how CBD works but here is a very simple explanation.

Most living things have what is called an endocannabinoid system. Endo
means within the body and cannabinoid refers to cannabis. The body naturally
produces cannabinoids which form part of our immune system. As we get
older the immune system weakens which means cancer cells are not
destroyed as they should be. CBD boosts this immune system It’s not only
cancer that may be treated by CBD, but The following bodily functions may also be improved.

Digestion and hunger
Immune function

What is CBD?

CBD is one of the most remarkable natural substances on the planet.

It is extracted from decarboxylated hemp using an organic solvent which dissolves the CBD and some of the other cannabinoids The mixture is then distilled, the solvent is then collected and used again and the CBD left as a dark sticky residue, The CBD is then emulsified with a carrier oil such as hemp oil, coconut oil or olive oil. It has recently been classed as a medicine by the MHRA. The very low levels of THC means it is not possible to get a high from our CBD.

Best Seller CBD Salves

Our CBD salves are totally manufactured from plants and natural wax We use
high quality essential oils in combination with coconut oil and local beeswax
They are applied to the skin where the CBD becomes transdermal targeting the
area of pain. The salves have been effective in treating, rheumatism, arthritis,
nettle rash or insect bite.